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HCDIS Platform for the implementation of interoperable Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Dynamics Information Systems is a platform where you can configure from large and complex health and social-health management systems to small functional modules based on the main communication standards for health interoperability.

Advantages of the use of a sanitary platform oriented to …

Health Interoperability

The Health Care Information System Platform allows the integration of interoperability solutions between the Information Systems in charge of health management in administrative, healthcare and medical processes.

New functionalities for health management

It can equip its management systems with new functionalities or create from scratch a more automated and digitized health management system.

Your business strategy

It offers a high level of configuration that allows adapting the solution to different environments and requirements, achieving total traceability of information and a unified Electronic Medical Record.

Interoperability thanks to the main health standards

HCDIS solutions enable interoperability and integration with existing systems through the use of the main standards for health communication, resulting in a unified and accessible Electronic Health Record from any system.

Adaptable to the needs and requirements of your strategy

It has four configurable modules to fit the needs of each client and the technologial requirements that their current infraestructures.

Electronic Medical Record

The most complete information in a single viewing environment will facilitate the best diagnosis.

Support for multiple types of centers in multilevel hierarchy

Tailor-made implementation of organizational needs

Traceability of care processes

Since an activity is planned until it is executed thanks to the standardization of the care activity.

Activity and Cost control

An activity record model that enables the exploitation of the information through kpi’s and the knowledge of the use and occupation of resources as well as the costs per activity

Giving new functionalities to its health management systems

All healthcare business areas can be configurated in an integrated, secure and high performance work environment.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Nursing Information System (NIS)

Pharmacy Information System (PIS)

Drugs Information System (DIS)

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Start evaluating how HCDIS can help your systems on the road to digitalization and health globalization


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